Why is Beef Jerky Like the Ram 2500 Heavy Duty?

What do you want in your Ram truck? You want durability, strength, and a comfortable interior. That's why beef jerky and the Ram 2500 Heavy Duty are "kissing cousins."

The interior features of the Ram 2500 can be modified to your exact specifications. You can add high-quality black or brown leather seating. You can add wood accents to match the wilderness you love so much. You can also stay in control with the amazing UConnect entertainment system. You can watch your favorite sports or soap opera. You can always stay connected, no matter where you are. You can also adjust the temperatures of your Ram's driver and passenger seats. This can be ideal for dealing with extreme weather conditions. No matter what you need, Ram seems to offer a good solution.

Guessed what they have in common? Both beef jerky and the Ram 2500 Heavy Duty are hard on the outside and soft in the middle.
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