Save Money By Getting That Rock Chip Repaired

When you get a rock chip the best way to deal with it is fast. The sooner the better. If you put it off then it will just grow and then you may need an entirely new windshield. The chip repair process doesn't take very long -- normally under 30 minutes, and it will save you a bunch of money by doing it. If you already have a crack, it can sometimes be repaired, but the results aren't always satisfactory and the overall strength of the windshield gets weaker. So if you get a chip, get it taken care of right away to avoid that problem altogether. A lot of times your insurance will actually take care of the cost of the rock chip repair. All you need to do is bring in your insurance card when you get the chip repaired. Even if it doesn't-it's still much cheaper than getting a brand new windshield.
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