What Does 1500 Mean on RAM 1500 Trucks?

RAM launched its first generation of light and heavy-duty RAM pickup trucks in 1981. Once launched, these RAM truck models were given specific designations, which are slightly different than they are today. While the signifiers used to be Capital letters, like “D” for two-wheel drive, on the RAM trucks today, you will see a numerical designation, like 1500, 2500 or 3500. These numbers designate the amount of weight that a truck was able to haul, or the towing capacity: 150 meant half a ton, 250 meant three-quarters of a ton, and 350 meant one ton. So, for example, a Ram D350 signified that it was a two-wheel drive, one-ton pickup truck. In 1994, new RAM truck models were introduced with a rugged exterior and car-like interior with more cab space and upgraded engines. These revamps called for a shift in model designations or signifiers, and the RAM trucks were switched to the designations they are known for today, with the half-ton labeled as 1500, the three-quarter-ton became 2500, and the one-ton was designated the 3500.
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What is Towing and Payload Capacity?

The towing capacity of your pickup truck is referring to the maximum amount of weight it can tow, whether that’s a trailer, boat, or other equipment. The payload capacity is referring to the maximum amount of weight your pickup truck can carry in both passengers and cargo in the cab and bed. Factors that affect your truck’s towing capability can include the cab size, box length, and wheel drive system. The smaller the cab size and the shorter the box length, the higher the towing capacity. By limiting the number of passengers, more of your truck’s gross combined vehicle weight rating can be devoted to towing and payload. Same with the box length, since the shorter box lengths have a lower curb weight (curb weight is the weight of the vehicle without any passengers or items in it.) The wheel drive system can also affect the towing capability. Since a 2WD sends power to only two of four wheels, the curb weight is lighter, with a higher towing and payload capability. The 4WD vehicles may be heavier, but offer greater control when driving on uneven terrain.

So what does that mean for the 2021 RAM 1500?

The new 2021 RAM 1500 is considered a “light duty” pickup truck with a towing capacity of 6,150 to 8,420 lbs and a payload capacity of 1,242 to 2,322 lbs. These capabilities make it an incredibly great pickup truck that is ideal for a variety of light-duty tasks, such as towing boats, ATVs, and trailers. When you want these incredible towing capabilities, with a light-duty comfort and feel, head to Rainbow CDJR McComb and find the RAM 1500 truck you’ve been searching for.
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